Resume Maker

Making a flawless resume to help you land the right job is super easy with the Appy Pie resume builder.

Why Choose Appy Pie Resume Maker

  • Templates for Every Industry
  • Creative, visual, minimalistic, or formal. Choose from a wide range of resume templates and create a resume to suit the kind of job you are looking for. Appy Pie resume maker has the right template for all industries. The right resume helps job seekers highlight their skills and land the dream job with ease.

  • Easy and Free
  • Making professional resumes shouldn’t take up all your time. With the free resume builder from Appy Pie, you can create impressive and effective resumes with ease. The drag and drop editor lets you choose, customize, and create CVs and cover letters with minimum efforts.

  • Save Multiple Versions
  • Every job is unique. And you need to tweak your resume for each job that you apply to. Appy Pie’s online resume maker lets you create multiple versions of your CV. Make suitable versions of your resume for the jobs that you want to apply to — landing a job made quick and easy.

Make Your Resume with Appy Pie Resume Maker

A resume is a one or two-page document that highlights your top skills. While the real test of your talent will be the interview, to be able to get that interview, you need a killer resume.

It is like a marketing copy that aims to market your skills and talent. Most hiring managers get hundreds of resumes each day. And most of them look quite similar. If you want your resume to stand out from the pile of other papers, you need a powerful resume creator.

The Appy Pie Resume Maker helps you create resumes and CVs that are unique, creative professional, and suitable for the job that you are applying to. And all this is for free.

You need no tech skills and no prior experience to use this unique CV maker. Beautiful visual resumes for creative jobs and minimalistic, professional looking CVs to impress the traditional hiring managers, Appy Pie CV builder has it all.

Make the perfect and the most impressive resume in three simple steps:

  • Find the right template.
  • Sign up/Log in to Appy Pie CV creator. Find the right pre-set template from our vast library of options. Make sure the template that you choose matches the job type. You can also start from scratch if you wish to build an entirely unique resume.

  • Add your details
  • Add your details in the right boxes and columns using the easy-to-use drag and drop editor. You can also include images if your job is creative or you need to showcase work samples.

  • Finalize, save, and share
  • Once you have added the text and images, you can finalize it with filters. Appy Pie’s free resume maker lets you save the resume, print it directly, share it, or even embed it on your blog or website.

Seize the opportunity with a creative, professional, and effective resume. Appy Pie’s online CV maker - taking you one step closer to your dream job.