Appy Pie’s Free Infographic Maker

An infographic or information graphic is an indispensable tool of communication. In simple words, it is a set of complex data made available pictorially by using graphic design.

The simplest infographic is centuries old and a bar chart or histogram. Every time you watch the weather on television and see a map with minimum and maximum temp and cloudy, sunny, stormy icons, it is an infographic.

It is not that they are being used in the digital age for the first time. For long, they have been part of books, journals, brochures, and anything printed.

In fact, it is one of the rare elements of printed books and articles that have successfully transitioned to digital content.

If you run a blog, if you write articles, if you try to describe something on the web, it is impossible to do without a top-notch infographic website builder.

Reasons Why Appy Pie’s Online Infographic Maker is the Best?

  • Browser based app
  • The Appy Pie free infographic maker makes it possible for you to create stunning graphics from your browser. There is no need to download and install clunky software. This makes it fast to load. Just open the Appy Pie website and select Infographic Maker from the main menu. Allow a few seconds for all the tools to load, and you are set.

  • Draw custom charts
  • Unless you are a pro with Excel, you have always found drawing charts to be tough. Who can handle the pie charts and column charts? Even harder are the Gantt Charts.

    But there is no way other than Excel to create superb graphs. Until now, that is. Appy Pie infographic web app makes drawing charts a piece of cake.

    Each chart has a customizable handle that you can alter and change the indicated value. With the click of a mouse, bring up the palette, and change the colour.

    You will feel at ease with the superbly designed interface of the best infographic generator.

  • Hundreds of icons
  • Appy Pie will never ask you to buy icons. The fascinating templates can be filled up with any icon that you can think of. From geometric shapes to stick figures and maps. It is all here in various sizes, hues and accents.

    So that you do not have to hunt through a hundred templates, Appy Pie has grouped both the templates and icons into categories, such as marketing, fashion, economy, science, sports, and many more.

  • Drawing Tool
  • A versatile drawing tool like MS Paint is included. You can insert shapes, fill them with colour, adjust transparency, or draw freehand. The tip can be altered to brush, pen, pencil, and spray.

    Above all, an infographic should be colourful and pleasing, and Appy Pie infographic timeline maker makes it possible to do so really quickly.

  • Image upload
  • You can upload an image from a URL or your computer and work with it as the background. You can also use an image or a powerpoint you already have to be an element in the infographic.

    The fully-featured printable timeline maker allows you to pack in more information in less space.

How to Create a Knockout Infographic?

If you have never designed before, you might be worried about developing an infographic. There is nothing to it. The process can be broken down into manageable steps, and we share the details with you.

  • Draft
  • The draft stage is most important if you are a beginner. On a black page, write down what you want the infographic to show what its core message will be.

    Next, find the facts. High-quality research is essential to creating a compelling story.

    An infographic has limited space. Decide if you want a horizontal or vertical layout. Square layouts are not very popular because they leave little space for adjoining text.

    Last but not least, at this stage – write an attractive and exciting title.

  • Template & Design
  • We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a badly drawn picture may cause your audience to veer away from the article.

    Choose a template carefully. Experiment with several and take your time. The design of any type is a time-consuming process. Lots of free infographic templates available at Appy Pie make it easy.

    Narrow down three templates and create a rough layout.

    Take your time to think over them. Graphics are like fragrances. Like a scent has a top note, middle note, and base note, graphical designs also seem different after a while. What you created looks different after an hour away from the screen.

    You would need at least a day to design and create a high-quality infographic.

  • Customize
  • Do not be scared to experiment. A bubble or a shadow may make the infographic look even better. Change the colours several times and find how much contrast between foreground and background is in keeping with your blog’s tone.

    The final step at this stage would be to take someone else’s opinion. A spouse or friend is ideal. Often a glaring error may not be visible to you. Otherwise, it could be that the font is not at all eye-friendly, or the most essential data is lost in the noise.

    Aesthetics and functionality are the key factors to watch out for. Good infographics are rarely very colourful, though there might be exceptions.

    Most of them convey the point you wish to make without drawing away attention from the message to the messenger.
    The beautiful thing about Appy Pie infographic generator online is that it is entirely free. Some similar services can cost upwards of $15 a month.

    What sets it apart? It can whip up a fresh infographic in a few minutes, provided you have the design and data ready at hand.

    Besides, you can use 80 fonts and a truly impressive colour palette.

    If you are an advanced user, you could also include audio and video snippets in this free timeline maker.

    Also included is the facility to send your draft to team members by email. This lets you get their option quickly without having to save a screenshot and email it.

    Appy Pie is a nifty little tool for creating infographics that would enhance the appeal of your website.