Appy Pie's Free Flyer Maker to Design your own Flyer in Few Mints

Appy Pie's Free Flyer Maker to Design your own Flyer in Few Mints

1. Simplicity

The flyer should be simple with a beautiful design layout and simple language. The most relevant information should be mentioned right at the beginning.

2. Intelligent use of white space

White space is important as it draws attention of the reader. There should be minimal text on flyers so that they are more readable. Efficiently used white space subtly directs the reader to the most relevant information.

3. Suitable font selection

Flyers should be easily readable, hence fonts matter a lot. A simple font makes reading easier. The font size is important as bolder and bigger fonts attract more attention.

4. Including relevant details

The business name and contact details should be included in a flyer. Key information like contact address, email id and phone number should be mentioned clearly in the flyer.

5. Grammatically perfect

Wrong spellings or grammatical mistakes put off potential customers and defeat the whole purpose. Incorrect usages of words convey a negative message to the customer, undermining your authority.

Let’s Get Started

Top features of Appy Pie Flyer maker

Designing a simple flyer can be difficult but Appy Pie Flyer Maker eases the whole process for you. Appy Pie Flyer Maker comes with an entire suite of in-built user-friendly design tools and features.

Let’s discuss the top features of Appy Pie Flyer Maker.

Flyer templates
Flyer templates
We offer a wide range of free personalized templates. You can choose your favorite flyer template as per your business needs and customize to make it truly unique and stand apart from the crowd. Your customized templates are stored in your account and you can modify them as many times as you wish.
You have the freedom to customize all the elements of your flyer including colors, graphics, and the background to express the brand identity effectively. You don’t have to be a designer to create a flyer that looks professional. Simple features of the software can help you customize your design and create a flyer that suits your particular purpose.
Beautiful typography
Beautiful typography
Typography can help you make your flyer design truly unique and attractive. You can vary font sizes, add unique fonts, include graphics, use proximity, vary alignment, and create unique styles. You can even drag-and-drop text boxes to your design. You have the freedom to choose from our wide range of in-built fonts. The result is a balanced layout that creates a dynamic flyer design.
Royalty-free images
Royalty-free images
The free flyer maker from Appy Pie offers a free photo library that has thousands of royalty-free images for you to use and create unique flyers.
Online platform
Online platform 
Appy Pie is a web-based platform, which means you need not install any software on any device. You can access your account from any browser and start using this awesome online flyer maker. To promote your event or brand, make a flyer in minutes with Appy pie Flyer Maker. You can use our simple and easy to use features to enhance the message of your flyer and use it to convince your prospective consumers.

How to create a Flyer with Appy Pie Design

Use Appy Pie Design to make flyers that viewers will interact with

Create a flyer for every need of yours. Be it a lost-n-found announcement on the notice board or the membership plans for your local yoga club. Appy Pie has got you covered. Design beautiful flyers with ease. Try Appy Pie Design today!

How to create a Flyer with Appy Pie Design

  • Select a design from our assorted list of templates

  • We provide a variety of designs to choose from. Choose your preferred flyer design from our carefully compiled list.

  • Customize your flyer template

  • Customize your flyer template and find a color balance with our innovative tool, Appy Pie Color Wheel. Upload logos, images etc.

  • Add text and design themes such as gradient, shades etc.

  • Add text to your flyer and choose from our free list of fonts and adjust the various color elements.

  • Download, share, and save.

  • Download your flyer and print it for use.

Why should you create Flyers with Appy Pie Design?

Flyers are necessary for a local business. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing techniques and flyers contribute to it. They give your business visibility in a local scene. Appy Pie Design just makes it better.

It removes the effort required and/or expensive publishers that flyers usually require. Simply create your own flyer within minutes and share it. Try Appy Pie Design today!