Certificate Maker

Replace monotonous business certificate design with something vibrant using this free online custom certificate maker. Why shouldn’t a certificate look attractive?

Why Choose Appy Pie Certificate Maker

  • Unique Designs
  • Choose from a variety of customizable designs. Let your imagination and the artist in you take over while choosing colors, tone, texture, and filters. Make it stand out.

  • Vibrant Templates
  • You don't need to start designing from scratch. There is a ready to use certificate design to suit every occasion. Browse through the gallery to find yourself the perfect one for your awardee.

  • Free tool
  • You can use any template as it is or customize it to your liking. Upload graphics, pre-edited text and more, to make your own certificate and then download it for free before getting it printed.

Make Your Flyer with Appy Pie Certificate Maker

Bring more joy to the recipient of the certificate through a personalized design. Improve your brand recognition by creating your own certificate online.

Forget conventional dual-color themed certificates. Try adding more colors to the mix to brighten up the certificate.

Every certificate is special like the person who is going to receive it. A personal touch makes the certificate even more special for a person.

Appy Pie certificate maker gives you a lot of options to make your own certificates for personal gifting too. Surprise your loved ones by making them a certificate of appreciation. A digital one is as good as handmade ones, especially if you can customize it to your liking. The only difference lies in its professional look and feel.

If you are still unsure, take a look at the gallery for inspiration. Match your certificate with your brand. Combine multiple colors to make it unique.

Don't limit yourself to someone else's ideas. Move around logos, text, and graphics until you are satisfied with the layout.

Follow these steps to create a free certificate-

  • Choose a theme
  • Sign up/log in to your Appy Pie account. Once you're in, choose a pre-set size, or you can just input custom dimensions. Then choose a theme for your custom certificate. Why choose monotonous and boring colors when you can choose a more vibrant color palette. There are hundreds of themes available to suit any occasion.

  • Personalize with text
  • This is the most important part. There is no reason why a certificate can't be fun. Use the certificate design to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. If you're making them for someone close to you, take the liberty to make the certificate extravagant or preppy.

  • Download and share
  • If the result satisfies you, present it to the awardee. You can download and print your own free online certificate. Bring a smile to their face with your wonderful certificate.

Appy Pie Certificate Maker- A free online certificate maker that helps create personalized certificates with a professional look. Appy Pie lets your inner creator shine and have fun while making certificates.