Invitation Maker

Amplify your social presence and spread joy with an enchanting invitation design that is impossible to decline.

Why Choose Appy Pie Invitation Maker?

  • Customizable Templates

    You do not need to have design skills to create custom invitations. Appy Pie provides you with templates that are customizable and easy to edit. It's just a matter of experimentation until the results satisfy you.

  • Free to Use

    There are no hidden costs. Personalized invitations are unique, and they will help you stand out. Invest a little time and unleash your creativity to create quick, custom invitations that will delight your attendees.

  • Engaging Visuals

    With a variety of templates and layouts, it's easy to create an engaging invitation. Share your invitation as soon as you make them. You won't need to worry about the invitation getting lost during transit. But if you are a little traditional, have your custom invitations printed.

Make Your Invitation with Appy Pie Invitation Maker

Invitation cards come in a variety of formats today. Traditional templates and animated ones, both have their own purpose. You need to pick one based on the event and your attendees.

Create your own custom invitations whether you want traditional invitation cards or want to create something entirely unique.

Surprise the invitee with a personalized invitation and bring a smile to their face. Choose the right pictures from the image library to add to your invitation card. You have an extensive choice of free options on Appy Pie Design.

A small card will not do enough for your event, but it's a prequel. Make it attractive and fill it with stunning, editable graphics so that your invitees know what’s next. There are multiple templates to suit every occasion. Add animation and breathe life into the personalized invitations.

Keep the invitation design simple and accompanying text as personal as possible. The more personal the vibe, the more the attendee is going to feel special and welcome.

It is a 3-step process to create your own invitations with Appy Pie’s invitation maker -

  • Choose a Template

    Sign up with Appy Pie Design and log in to your account. Under the Card Maker section, choose a template or go for a blank one with custom dimensions. You need to decide which templates suit your social event well. Pick one accordingly. If you are unsure, visualize the event and try narrowing it down to a couple of templates.

  • Change the Graphics

    Change the images, text fonts, and background. Change the colors as well for that extra flair. You can easily add, delete, drag, and drop the graphics until it satisfies you. This is what will help you add that personal touch.

  • Download or Print

    Save the design, review it for minor flaws that might have gone unnoticed. Share it directly or download it for printing. You can download the invitation as a JPG or PNG. You can revisit the invitation design even after saving. You can make changes, copy, or download the saved invitation.

Appy Pie Invitation Maker – Helping you create appealing invitation designs for your treasured events.