Appy Pie's Business Card Maker

We live in the digital age, but the business card is as relevant as ever. Can you imagine meeting a potential partner or client and not being able to hand over a lovely, polished business card?

Of course, you could always WhatsApp your details or send it by message or email. You could also wear your pyjamas with a three-day stubble at a VC fundraising meeting. They would have the same effect.

Yes, the business has changed in the digital age, but some things remain the same.

The business card allows you to make a personal connection because you are exchanging information about each other. Also, many people still like to do business the old fashioned way and use a Rolodex to store contact information.

But you need a great business card to make the best first impression. And first impressions matter in business as nothing else does. We size up who we are doing business within the first few minutes, and their attire, disposition, business card plays as much a role in our decision making as their expertise and experience.

What you need is a business card design software that delivers. Appy Pie free online business card maker does just that and a lot more.

Why Appy Pie Free Online Business Card Maker is the Best?

Appy Pie’s drag and drop editor makes creating a business card completely hassle-free.

All that you need to do is choose a template, add your details, move the elements around and position them to your liking and print out a JPG.

What does it mean for you? Being able to create visually appealing business cards in no time at all. You do not need to have any experience as a creative or designer. Just spend some time looking over the themes, templates, colours, fonts, and you have your business card.

It is entirely free, and there are no annoying advertisements that keep showing up in your browser. What is more, Appy Pie does not store or share any of your information. Your name, phone number, and email address are not going to get handed over to a spam list.

The instant you close the browser window, all the data you have shared is deleted forever.

How to make your own business cards?

Using Appy Pie free online business card maker, you don't have to really do much.

  • Open Appy Pie in your browser.
  • Select Business Card Maker from the menu.
  • Select from hundreds of free business card templates.
  • Select the background colour.
  • Select the font colour.
  • Select font style and size.
  • Add text to the text elements, including name, address, phone number, email address.
  • Preview your work.
  • Print or download an image file.

The business card maker app makes your life easy and gives you the power to create a mind blowing and professional looking business card in no time at all.

Of course, you have advanced options such as creating and saving a logo. The logo of your brand is essential, and the free online business card maker with photos makes you spend the minimum effort to imprint it on the card.

How to Design Printable Business Cards?

If you are wondering about designing free printable business cards, do not worry. You do not have to hire a graphic designer and pay them astronomical sums. We planned it out for you to the last detail.

What are the various approaches you can take?

  • Tasteful
  • Simple is better, less is more, is often the best design. Keep this uppermost in your mind. A tastefully designed card should not be cluttered with details.

    Use both sides of the card. The front for announcing your name, business name, designation, and displaying the logo.

    Use the rear for address, email ID, and similar details (including working hours and availability).

    Minimalistic cards made with off-white or creamy paper often create a great impression because they tend to portray you like a minimalist, who uses the least effort at getting most done. The best fonts are Lucida Console, Garamond, and Calisto MT.

    Complicated layouts tend to make us think the opposite.

    It is ideal for those who work in the field of technology, engineering, and architecture.

  • Artsy
  • At times you need to go fashionable. The card needs to show your creative side and flair for showing off that you are adept with shapes, designs, and colours.

    Dress up the card with patterns –tartan squares, herringbone, argyle, and even houndstooth. Of course, use them tastefully and in a way that makes the pattern blend smoothly into the background.

    Ideal for creatives such as photographers and web designers.

    The best fonts to use are Arial Narrow, Copperplate Gothic Light, and Century Gothic.

  • Avant-Garde
  • Nothing states your personal style better than an avant-garde card. A plain bottle green background with your name printed in neon yellow Comic Sans is perfect.

    But if you are not that adventurous, why not a half and half design. The left half white and black. The right half slate grey with your name and business in Trebuchet MS?

    Ideal for fashion designers, interior designers, and PR experts. Make it seem you are not traditional at the click of a mouse with the Appy Pie visiting card maker.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • Border – If your card should have an edge is your choice. Many feel it makes a card look more distinctive. Many equally think that it seems pompous. At the end of the day, it must match your personality.
  • Font Size – Has to be large enough without being in your face. A 16 font is big enough for most people to read easily. The name should be in bold. The use of italics is too outdated.
  • Material – Glossy cards are out. It is matte always. Prefer 300 GSM and above grade paper. Of course, make sure that the paper is tear-proof.

Last Words

The Appy Pie free business card maker is ideal. Without an impressive business card, you won't get ahead in the world. For your networking, a nicely made card is essential, and that is what this software does promptly.