Book Cover Maker

It's all about first impressions, make it last with a fabulous cover design. After all, at first glance, a book does get judged by its cover.

Why Choose Appy Pie Book Cover Maker?

Be the music in an ocean of noise and create an impactful first impression on your readers.

  • Easy interface
  • You don't need any professional training to use our book cover maker. Just create an account and log in to use Appy Pie to get started right away.

  • Simple to use
  • Save time and create attractive designs with a few mouse clicks. It's easy to create book covers by using our already set-up editing options and templates.

  • Time-Saving
  • It barely takes a few minutes to create if you already have some clear ideas in your mind. Use the pre-existing templates with your uploaded images.

Make Your Book Cover with Appy Pie Book Cover Maker

Forget about hunting for people who create book covers. You can now make free book covers online. A book's cover is the first thing that attracts a buyer's attention. Make it worth the buyer’s time by creating a free book cover at Appy Pie.

Play around with color tones, gradients to amplify the underlying emotions of the book. Different color temperatures create different moods on the same image or background.

An ideal book cover captures the essence of the book without revealing too much. Make it a teaser or create a bold edit that grabs eyeballs. Your book is your brainchild and we at Appy Pie would want it to make just the right impact with an impactful book cover design.

Follow these steps to navigate your way through creating your dream book cover-

  • Cover the basics
  • The Portrait orientation is ideal for book covers, but you can always choose what you think is best for your book. The graphics and text should perfectly fit and align within the canvas.

    The layout is your crown jewel. The right combination will bring out the theme of the book. Make it impactful, the readers should be able to feel the book though its cover.

  • Upload, Fix and Filter
  • Use our library of stock images, but a personal touch will make your edit far more unique. Upload your own images and combine them with the available templates to generate something uniquely eye-catching. Hold on, take a step back, and take a long, hard look at your creation. Does it meet your expectations and tease your readers with a glimpse of what lies between the pages of the book?

  • Download and Share
  • Save your work and download it to use as a book cover. Share it to create a buzz in social media to earn some much-deserved compliments for your work, on the book, and the cover.

Appy Pie Book Maker- Unsheathe your imagination with our free book cover maker and create a fabulous book cover.