App Icon Maker

Get that memorable face your app needs for global recognition in a jiffy, with the Appy Pie App Icon Maker.

Why Choose Appy App Icon Maker

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • The navigation is seamless and it's just a matter of drag and drop and adjusting a few settings to create a beautiful app icon design. Choose any app icon size or go for a preset template. The templates can be used for both the Apple icon and the Android app icon.

  • More Creative Options
  • The gallery has a lot of customizable graphics. Use them, apply filters, adjust the tone, drag, and adjust their size or position. Explore the platform and try out all its amazing features to design a good app icon.

  • Timesaving
  • It hardly takes a few minutes to create an app icon. Follow the steps mentioned further down to create an app icon. Avoid adding overwhelming details to your app icon design which is hard to read.

Make Your App Icon with Appy Pie App Icon Maker

What makes a person click on an app which is new to the market? More than the name, it's the description, name, and most importantly the app icon.

Don't make it dreary, make it eye-catching. Make it tough for people to resist clicking on your app.

A customized logo with no design skills might sound daunting. But all you need is a little time, a bit of editing, and a good app icon template to create the perfect app icon.

App icons have come a long way from serving a functional purpose to now be driven primarily by aesthetics. Visual graphics are what attract potential users to use apps today.